Mansi Gupta, PhD


Mansi Gupta originally comes from New Delhi, India where she studied Biochemistry as a Bachelor’s student (2006). She did her Master’s (2006-2009) at the Indian Institute of Science, where she carried out several biochemistry based shortterm projects and investigated transcription factor binding in the plant system Arabidopsis thaliana for her thesis.
She came to Dresden, Germany for her PhD in zebrafish molecular genetics (2009-2014). Her research work focused on morphogenesis and in-vivo protein-protein interactions using novel biophysical methods. She also established and validated several transgenic zebrafish lines using the Crispr-Cas9 system.
In parallel to her post-doctoral research, she interned at the Technology Transfer and Grant office in CRTD, Dresden (2016), where she contributed to the evaluation of patent applications and intellectual property management.